Seth Powers is a Shanghai-based photographer specializing in architecture and interiors. He works primarily with architects and designers to render their vision with care and a keen eye for composition.

Since coming to Shanghai in 2012, he has photographed architecture and interior projects for dozens of international firms such as MVRDV, Tsao & McKown, SCDA Architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Jacobs, UNStudio, B+H, M Moser, and many local boutique practices such as Kokaistudios, AIM Architecture, and Robarts Spaces. 

摄影师Seth Powers专注于建筑和室内摄影,目前工作于上海。他擅长通过独特的视角和敏锐的构图,帮助建筑师和设计师们传递作品的精髓。

2012年以来,他已为几十家国际建筑和设计事务所提供建筑和室内摄影服务,包括MVRDV, Tsao & McKown、SCDA建筑师事务所、Schmidt Hammer Lassen建筑师事务所、Jacobs、UNStudio、B+H、M Moser,以及Kokaistudios、AIM Architecture和Robarts Spaces等诸多上海本土事务所。

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